Rev. Dr. Dave Henion

Selected for the Team

A Living Hope


The Living Stone

Submission For The Lord’s Sake

Building A Solid Fortress

The Christian’s Disposition

First Responding

The Greatest Example

Living It!

What If It Were Today?

The Risen and Conquering Life

What To Look For!

Christ Centered Relief

Keep Watch of Your Stalker

Grace Will See Us Through

High Octane Faith


The Bible: No Book Like It!

IED’s – Improvised Erroneous Doctrines!


It Proves the Proverb

The Day of the Lord

What Sort of People Ought We To Be

Our Keeper

Who God Is

The Promised Hope

Wings Like Eagles

God Your Redeemer

Our Great God

It Shall Accomplish What I Please

Walking In the Light

Walking and Talking

Loving God

As the World Turns

Abiding In Him

What Manner of Love

Necessities for Holy Living

Spiritual Detection

The Bottom Line

In the Zone

The Sure Thing

Wrapping It Up

The Balance

Consistently Flourishing

Contend for the Faith Pt 1

Christmas Eve 2021

Contend for the Faith Pt. 2

The Hand Behind the Scene

God’s Great Reversals: Part 1

What Just Happened?

When It's All Said and Done

Now Is the Time

Unexpected Help

On the Edge

The Battle of Jericho

Caught With the Hand in the Cookie Jar

Lyin’ Eyes

Leaving Nothing Undone

Finishing Well

The Triumphant Road

The Main Event - Easter 2022

Joshua's Farewell

To The Scattered

The Intricate Work of Temptation

A Tall Order

Faith’s Loving Arms

Faith That Moves

Taming The Tongue

Wisdom From Above

Conflict and War All Around

What Is Your Life?

The Subtle Temptation of Wealth

Give Me Patience Now!

Praying Like You Mean It

The Wanderer, The Wanderer

Being Gods Temple

Handling Trouble in the Church

What You Once Were

Important Relational Principles

Loving Awareness

How To Use Your Rights

The Balanced Life

Worship Etiquette

Now Concerning Spiritual Gifts

The Greatest of These is Love

Order In the Church

How Will It Be

The Question

Extreme Makeover

The Mystery

Christmas Day 2022 - Message: Now the Birth of Jesus Christ

God Moves In Mysterious Ways

Beating Around the Burning Bush

God’s Plan With Setbacks Included

General Topics

Topics of general interest.

Strangers In the World

The Hidden Dangers

That You May Know

The Unseen Mover

The Lord God Goes With You

Practical Christianity

Help for the Church In A Confused World

The Journey of Faith